I.W. by COMITEL – Edition 26

SCANDINAVIA - 17/04/2012

Dear friend,

we really want to thank you for attending our 26th edition of the I.W. by Comitel dedicated to Scandinavian & Baltic markets; your presence has surely contributed to the success of the event!

There were 148 buyers coming from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland onboard the beautiful Silja Symphony ship!

According to the survey conducted among the buyers, feedbacks about B2B meetings were very positive: 94% of them was very satisfied with the quality of contacts made (excellent 34,5%, good 59,5%).

Back in the office we’ve received a lot of emails from operators attending the event, here below you’ll find some of them:

Got some new ideas and contacts for the next winter so I think the outcome can be very good.” (360 AB, Svezia)

Thank you very much for kind invitation to workshop. It was great opportunity to meet many professionals all over Italy!” (AURINKO OŮ, Estonia)

Many thanks for everything! I have 3 very good contacts!” (NORDIC INCOMING AB, Svezia)

May I thank all of you for a great organized workshop with many good contacts and inputs for new business.” (DEN JYSKE VINSKOLE, Danimarca)

Many new contacts, new ideas and Italy is coming more and more closer!!!!!” (SCANDINAVIAN LOUNGE, Svezia)

I am glad for the tour coming from this workshop!!” (BUSSIGA KLUBBEN / TOBA – STAMRESOR AB, Svezia)

II Edition

To the markets of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


At: 17/Apr/2012

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