I.W. by COMITEL – Edition 21-22

TORONTO - LOS ANGELES - From: 05/04/2011 To: 07/04/2011

Dear friend,

We really thank you for taking part in the 21st and 22nd editions of the I.W. by Comitel.

The event in North America was a great satisfaction for our staff thanks to your kind presence and the participation of many American and Canadian operators.

More than 350 operators attended the events in Toronto and Los Angeles all satisfied with the opportunity given by the I.W by Comitel to meet new business partners and strengthen the old contacts.

From the survey conducted among the buyers who attended the event, we’ve got very positive feedback on the quality of contacts: in Toronto, 47,2% of buyers judged them as excellent, 50% as good and only 2,8% classified them as sufficient; in Los Angeles 37,5% of buyers judged them as excellent, 55% as good, and 7,5% as sufficient.

Such results, besides confirming the good trend of North America market, are a good premises for your business increase!

Here below some feedback we received after the event from Canadian and American buyers.

We do hope to have you among our guests to future events and kindly remind you the next appointments:

* October 12th, 2011 Netherlands – for Benelux market

* November 21st, 2011 Moscow – for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine market

* April 17th, 2012 sailing from Sweden to Finland for Scandinavian and Baltic markets

You can’t miss it!

Alessandra, Marta and Doriana

“It was a pleasure to attend the Italy workshop, we did get new (and hopefully productive) business contacts. The Workshop was very well organized and the food was delicious! Thank you again for invitation, very much appreciated.”(EXCLUSIVE TOURS – CANADA)

“Thank you for an extremely well run event. I was particularly pleased with the contacts I met and have begun further discussions to facilitate select tours beginning in 2012. Program we look forward to a long and prosperous business.” (THE TRAVEL EDGE – CANADA)

“Thank you for including my company in this event. It was very productive and I met several companies that I will be contacting later this year.” (WINGS INC. DESIGN GROUP – CALIFORNIA)

“I was happy to meet new vendors for my clients. Thank you!” (CLASSIC TRAVEL – CALIFORNIA)

“It worked well, and I was able to meet and talk with all that were important to me.” (ITALYITALYITALY –CALIFORNIA)

7th Edition for the US Market; 3rd Edition for the Canadian Market

To the markets of Canada and West Coast


From: 05/Apr/2011 To: 07/Apr/2011

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